Practice Areas

A Skilled Fort Lauderdale Law Firm Guides Clients Through the Litigation Process

Handling civil, personal injury and insurance litigation cases for individuals and businesses throughout Florida

At the Fort Lauderdale law offices of Loughren, Doyle and Reising, P.A., we dedicate our practice solely to providing help to clients who are going through complex civil, personal injury and insurance litigation cases. These cases can have a dramatic impact on your future, so it is important to retain the services of an accomplished law firm that is familiar with the court process and knows how to fight for your rights. Whether we take you on as a defendant or a plaintiff, our firm is committed giving your case the individualized attention you need for a positive resolution.

Handling insurance litigation throughout Florida

Our firm focuses a majority of our work on representing insurance companies in local, state and federal courts and defends them against unjust claims and lawsuits. The insurance litigation services we offer include a range of different matters:

  • Bad faith claims — Our firm defends insurance companies throughout Florida that have been accused by a policyholder of acting in bad faith.
  • Coverage disputes — We defend insurance companies that are being brought to court by a policyholder over a coverage dispute.
  • Property insurance — Our firm represents both homeowners and insurance companies in property insurance litigation cases.

Coming to your defense in civil litigation matters

Civil litigation is any noncriminal court case. It is a broad field, and our firm takes pride in being able to help clients with a range of civil litigation disputes, including:

  • Negligence — We represent both plaintiffs and defendants in negligence cases. This service covers cases involving premises liability, products liability and automobile liability.
  • Wrongful death — If you lost a loved one or are being accused of causing a wrongful death, our firm stands by your side in court and fights for your rights.
  • Personal injury — Our firm represents both personal injury victims and defendants in court. Whether you are looking to collect proper compensation or are trying to clear your name, our attorneys use their knowledge and experience to assist you in court.
  • Civil rights — If your civil rights have been violated in any way by your employer or the government, you need a strong group of attorneys to protect your freedoms, including freedom of speech, religion and assembly.